5 Reasons To Get Tested For STDs

It doesn’t matter who you are, you’ll want to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. This is even if you have been with one partner or you’re currently married or dating someone exclusively. The truth is you can never be too careful, therefore testing is a must. Here are five reasons why everyone should get tested for STDs.

STD Testing Is Not Routine
You might go to your doctor’s every few months for a regular checkup. If so, then great, but the thing is STD testing is not routinely performed. You have to ask your doctor to perform an STD test, otherwise, they won’t do it. Many people falsely assume their doctor will be able to tell if they have an STD, but this isn’t always the case.

If you’re like many people, then you probably are embarrassed to ask your doctor for an STD test. However, sexual behavior can have a huge impact on your overall health, therefore you want to get tested for STDs.

STDs Are Treatable
There’s no reason to be afraid of getting tested, especially when you consider that most STDs are treatable and some can be completely cured. Even the STDs that aren’t curable can be treated, which means the symptoms and effects can b reduced. It is important to note that most STDs respond well to treatment when they are detected early. As a rule of thumb, the sooner an STD is detected, the better because treatment can start right away.

STDs Don’t Always Come With Symptoms
There are a few STDs that don’t show symptoms. If you have an STD and you’re not experiencing symptoms, then you can still give it to other people. Not only that but if you don’t get treated, your health can be at serious risk.

Many people assume they have a less serious illness when they do have an STD because some symptoms are similar to less serious sickness. This is why it’s important to get tested as soon as you experience symptoms or if you are simply sexually active. Don’t just assume you are fine.

Early Detection Is Crucial
As previously mentioned, the sooner you get tested the better. There are a handful of STDs that can be life-threatening if you don’t receive treatment. Getting treatment early can slow the progression or stop it altogether. The effects of the potentially life-threatening disease can be limited too. For example, if you have HIV and you don’t get tested, then the disease will progressively worsen. HIV can lead to death if not treated. If you want to find out whether or not you have HIV or any other kind of sexually transmitted disease, then you need to get tested.

You Can Have Several Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Something many people don’t know if they can have several STDs. You could be exposed to two or more STDs and not even know it. This is not good because if the diseases progress, then your life could be in danger or you could eventually suffer from irreversible symptoms.

It’s important to note that you can be treated for multiple sexually transmitted diseases. The course of treatment and length of treatment will depend on factors such as how aggressive the diseases have become and which diseases you specifically have, as well as where you go for treatment.

How To Get Tested For STDs
You can get tested right at home or you can go to a clinic or at your doctor’s office. More and more people are opting for at-home tests, especially for common STDs such as chlamydia. To learn more about chlamydia test kits, you can visit http://chlamydiahometestkits.org.

Benefits Of At Home STD Testing
There are many benefits, such as not having to go to a clinic to take a test. You’ll still receive peace of mind because you’ll find out whether or not you have an STD. Do bear in mind different STD testing kits test for either one STD or several. You can visit testkitschlamydia.com to find out more about at-home chlamydia tests.

You are not invincible. Everyone who is sexually active, even if it’s not that often, is prone to catching an STD. Do yourself a favor and get tested as soon as possible.

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